Affiliate Salon Program

Ultimate Salon offers a mutually beneficial Affiliate Salon Program for approved salons. As a way of paying forward Loveinfuzion, we offer salons that don’t have a huge inventory, a way to offer their clientele the best products the beauty industry has to offer. Affiliate Salons also find that ordering their retail through Ultimate Salon is not only economical, but fast and easy - all while earning monthly Cash or Product Rewards.

Benefits for your Salon*

  • Make the earnings of an Ultimate Salon Products retail center without stocking your shelves or spending a dime in inventory. Provide your clients instant online access to the highest quality professional products at the best prices available in the beauty industry!
  • Affiliate salons and its participating cosmetologists earn Cash or Free Product (their choice) on every product their clients buy on Ultimate Salon all year long! The more your clients beautify, the greater the percentage you earn!
  • Affiliate Salons receive up to 20% off the lowest prices available in the industry on the very best professional salon products. You can meet your salon needs at Ultimate Salon
  • With no minimum order you can test the markets newest trends! Stock your shelves and stations with quality and variety instead of quantity, knowing you can replace sold merchandise quickly and easily.
  • Offer great customer promotions by redeeming Loveinfuzed Product Rewards for free product that you can share with new and loyal customers or stock your retail shelves and stations!
  • Motivate your cosmetologists with Product Rewards or Cash earnings. Ultimate Salon spreads more LoveinfuZion by giving the top selling cosmetologist of your salon a special gift each month.
  • Save big with special promotions available only to Affiliate Salons!
  • Easy to install web links with Ultimate Salon makes it easy for your clients to access the beauty products they want. Linking also gives your website a higher profile ranking - generating more website use and visibility – boosting your overall business with no advertising dollars!
  • Receive Free custom Affiliate Salon business cards with your Salon information.
  • You've got nothing to lose – it's risk free! The $19.95 Affiliate registration fee is refunded after your salon or clients purchase $250 from

Benefits for your customers*

  • Membership is Free and easy to use! Clients enter their Salon Affiliate Member Number just once. They thank you as they receive 10% off the best prices in the industry!
  • Clients appreciate the excellent customer service you give with Affiliate Membership - providing access to great product at great prices, delivered to their door by Ultimate Salon
  • Every customer who purchases from Ultimate Salon ALSO receives Loveinfuzed Rewards towards free product.
  • Members receive special promotions available only to members of the Salon Affiliate Program!

Easy as 1 2 3:

  1. Enroll your Salon online with our easy application.
  2. Make happy clients by giving them your custom Ultimate Member Card or, better yet, sign them up online while scheduling their next salon appointment.
  3. Cash your Ultimate Salon Product bonus checks the Salon and each participating cosmetologists receives each month. Or get even more value by redeeming Loveinfuzed Product Rewards to stock salon shelves or offer in-salon promotions with free product. The option are Yours!
How Does The Ultimate Salon Affiliate Program Work?:

Happy Clients:

It couldn’t be easier! Now you can offer the wide variety of top quality professional salon products that are just what your clients want and need. Simply encourage your clients to sign up online using your Salon/Cosmetologist PIN number. Better yet, assist client sign up before they even leave the salon!

When clients discover the shopping ease, great prices, professional product quality, variety and fantastic service provided on, they’ll shop ‘till they drop - all year long! You benefit by earning $$ on every purchase they make! Instead of just selling one or two products when they visit the salon every 6 to 8 weeks – you’ll cash in on the thousands of dollars most clients spend on beauty products each year. All without lifting a finger or spending a dime in advertising or carrying expensive inventory!

Affiliate Salons receive free personalized business cards to hand out to their clients. Each Cosmetologist has an individual PIN (personal identification number) to enter on their business cards. The client enters the PIN just one time when setting up their account on Ultimate Salon This gives your customers special Salon Affiliate Promotions and Discounts of 10% off the best industry prices. Every time your client purchases from their Ultimate Salon account, your salon and cosmetologist earn their choice of Cash or Loveinfuzed Product Rewards for free professional salon products.

You Earn Cash or Salon Products

The Salon and selling cosmetologist both earn their choice of Cash or Loveinfuzed Product Rewards on every purchase made through the Affiliate Program. The more salon products purchased through your Affiliate Member Accounts, the larger the percentage earned! That equals more Cash or more Rewards for professional salon products - your choice. Every month you will either receive a check from Ultimate Salon or you may order the salon products you need with your accumulated Rewards – it’s up to you!

We want beautiful, happy and Loveinfuzed customers to enhance the beauty industry. Towards that goal, we give Affiliate Salons a larger percentage incentive when they choose salon products over cash. Meaning, you can SAVE even more when you redeem Product Rewards. Use your free professional product to stock your salon shelves and stations. Use it for in-salon promotions or as gifts for those special clients and occasions. Use your free product to try out the latest product trends or to enjoy long time favorites and must-haves. Cosmetologists can also use their Rewards to enjoy their own monthly shopping sprees at Ultimate Salon and treat themselves the way they deserve!

Earning Cash or Loveinfuzed Product Rewards is easy!

The Salon and selling cosmetologist earn an equal percentage of Cash or Loveinfuzed Product Rewards for free product. The higher the volume of sales, the higher the benefits. The salon receives Rewards or Cash for EACH participating cosmetologist.

Example: Cosmetologist Sara’s customers buy $2500 worth of product in December. Sara and the Salon BOTH receive either a check for $125 or $175 in Loveinfuzed Product Rewards to use for free product.

How to cash in!

$1 – $750 of Affiliate Cosmetologist Ultimate Salon sales per month Receive:

Product Rewards =: Salon earns 4% of product sales Cosmetologist earns: 4%


Get Cash =: Salon earns 2% of product sales Cosmetologist earns: 2%

Sell $751 – $1500 of product per month.

Product Rewards =: Salon earns 5% of product sales Cosmetologist earns: 5%


Get Cash: Salon earns 3% of product sales Cosmetologist earns: 3%

Sell $1501 – $2250 of product per month.

Product Rewards: Salon earns 6% of product sales Cosmetologist earns: 6%


Get Cash: Salon earns 3% of product sales Cosmetologist earns: 3%

Sell $2251 + product per month.

Product Rewards: Salon earns 8% of product sales Cosmetologist earns: 8%


Get Cash: Salon earns 4% of product sales Cosmetologist earns: 4%


For an enrollment fee of $19.95 salons can become Salon Affiliate members. This fee is reimbursed after $250 of purchases are made by the Salon or it’s members.

*Disclosure Requirements and Reservations: Ultimate Salon Products requires that all Affiliate salons and participating cosmetologists be in Good Standing with all state and federal boards and agencies. reserved the right to accept or refuse any applying or currently enrolled salon or cosmetologist. The participating Salon and cosmetologist are responsible for notifying of any infractions that would make them ineligible. In no way does represent, condone or recommend any Affiliated Salon or Cosmetologist or their advice or professionalism. simply supplies top quality beauty salon products to affiliated Salons and cosmetologists and their customers. reserves the right to cancel the Affiliate Program agreement if either the salon or its cosmetologists fall out of Good Standing or do not represent the standards of quality and professionalism required by The Affiliate Program agreement may be cancelled by either party at any time. If the Affiliate Program is cancelled by either party, the salon and it’s cosmetologists are no longer eligible for cash or Loveinfuzed Rewards and benefits and disbursements. The Salon and cosmetologist(s) will receive the amount accrued up to the date of cancellation within 90 days of the end of cancellation.

Become an Affiliate Salon:

Click here to make the $19.95 enrollment fee

Click here to fill out our easy and quick application form. Click here to add an additional Cosmetologist.