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The Ultimate Salon Girls

Ultimate Salon Products specializes in hair styling products proven through use the finest salons in the world. We are proud to offer the very finest salon products evaluated, approved, and highly recommended by our advisory council of licensed cosmetologists! All of our products are guaranteed authentic, and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. With our commitment to quality and service, you can shop with confidence and enjoy your old time favorites and the newest professional technology available. Your orders are processed on our secure site, packed with care, infuZed with love and shipped within 24 hours to your home or salon. Check out our Beauty Product Guru’s favorites on her weekly Fave Blog.

Ultimate Salon Products Mission

Our Mission at Ultimate Salon Products.com is to provide you with the very best online experience possible. We offer the very best professional salon products and tools, tried and proven by licensed cosmetologists. We are committed to excellence, World Class Customer Service, innovative product lines, and making a difference in the world through charitable giving, environmental consciousness and spreading Love infuZion.

Erno Hallas, the man behind the vision.

History & Company Philosophy

It began with our Founder and President, Ernest "Erno" Hallas and his vision to bring the Hallas family's traditions of Beauty Industry innovation and superlative customer service to the worldwide marketplace. Erno's decision to develop his families influence and expertise was inspired by his desire to expand his charitable giving. As a leader in the development of enterprise Internet technologies and advanced applications development, it was a natural evolution for Erno to infuse his family's philosophies into the very cornerstones of Ultimate Salon Products.com. Erno is committed to philotimo, family values, service and product excellence and the spread of his vision of Love InfuZion and charitable giving. Through commitment and perseverance, Erno launched the world class Internet store in celebration of the Hallas family's 100 years in America! Ultimate Salon Products.com is our family’s version of the American Dream became a reality.

As the old saying goes, "You can't deny your family" and if you ask around the dining table at the numerous Hallas Family gatherings, you will soon learn of the deep and diverse roots family members have in the beauty business. "Our dear Aunt Emily began working in the cosmetology & cosmetics industry in 1952. She quickly became a top rated professional working with many movie stars of the era. In 1957 she opened her first salon in Beverly Hills and later incorporated her renowned cosmetic business on the world famous Rodeo Drive in 1968.

The list of celebrated family members holding cosmetology licenses is impressive. Hallas family members' also include former Vice Presidents of beauty industry giants Joico, CND and of Nioxin Labs. We recognize these significant contributions to the beauty, cosmetics and salon industries and pay tribute to our roots and family tradition. The Ultimate Salon Products.com advisory board currently includes Eleni Hallas, a licensed cosmetologist since 1986, and owner of one of the most celebrated hair salons in Sparta Greece”.

Ultimate Salon Products is a wholly owned Ernest Hallas company.

From inception, our philosophy has been to conduct business in a highly professional manner while treating our clients like beloved members of the family. Our 63 years of success is evident and we believe it is largely due to treating our customers with the utmost kindness and respect and staying one step ahead of the trends while never straying from the tried-and-true products. We also recognize that our direction is inspired by various family member’s contributions, many of whom are excellent professional cosmetologists.

Ultimately, we owe our success to the loyalty of our highly diverse clientele. We focus on family values, philotimo, world-class service, competitive pricing, and bringing Love InfuZion to the market. As a result our family business has experienced stellar success in the the salon business for over six decades. Today, UltimateSalonProduct.com's reputation for integrity is unsurpassed in the professional beauty industry.

Ernest "Erno" Hallas

Our family includes our loyal and diverse clientele. Ultimately, we recognize our success comes from dedicated support of our family of customers. The Hallas Family thanks YOU! We hope you feel and experience our sincere Gratitude through experiencing our philosophy of LoveinFuzion, Quality and Giving Back!

A Unique Company Attitude: LoveinfuZed

love [luhv]

  1. A profoundly tender, passionate affection and care for a being
  2. A warm feeling of attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, family or friend


dif•fus•er [dih-fyoo-zer]

  1. a person or thing that diffuses
  2. utilizing kinetic energy to increase the channel of flow so as to increase effectiveness


in•fuse [in-fyooz]

  1. to imbue or inspire


Love•in•Fuzed [luv-in-fyooz-ed]

  1. A philosophy of expressing and inspiring love, altruism, and dedication to those willing to receive
Let's Break it Down Even Further

The word "love" represents what our company was founded on and is inspired by. We spread loving intention through our company philosophy, which we extend to our team, our customers, vendors and worthy charities and environmental and health causes we support. We also believe in Self-Love. We are dedicated to assisting Self-Love as we believe when you are dedicated to loving and caring for yourself, you joyfully spread your own LoveinfuZion throughout the world.

The "diffuser", a widely used and loved tool in our salons, represents the practical, utilitarian side of our company as well as our goal to diffuse (or spread quickly and precisely) our products to our customers.

The word "infuse" drives us. We are infused with dedication, good work ethic, quality products, and outstanding customer service. We infuse our love for the industry and our customers and company values into every product sent to you.

How This Attitude Benefits Our Customers

The combination of these terms forms the hybrid word, LoveinfuZed. This word embodies our History & Philosophy and our desire to bring LoveinfuZion to the lives of each of our customers and worthy causes.

UltimateSalonProducts.com is how we offer the benefits of our LoveinfuZed 60+ years of expertise in the Beauty Industry to customers worldwide. Our family and business values, decades of experience, and millions of satisfied customers qualify us to select and provide you with the very best professional salon products available.

LovinfuZed Care also carries over to our offerings of detailed product information, 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction, great prices, easy to use secure on-line shopping, shipping within 24 hours, customer appreciation reward programs, and spreading the love by supporting worthy charitable causes.