Founder, Sole Owner and President of Ultimate Salon

Although the Hallas Family has been in the beauty business for over 60 years, Erno expanded the family tradition worldwide with his launch of Ultimate Salon Erno is committed to our family values, philotimo, service excellence, product excellence, the spread of his vision of Love InfuZion and charitable giving. Through commitment and perseverance, Erno's vision resulted in the launch of a world class Internet store! Our family’s version of the American Dream became a reality with Ultimate Salon As the Owner and Founder of Ultimate Salon Products, Erno shares his expertise and knowledge to broaden access to the very best professional beauty products and salon tools available to his family of busy and discerning customers. Erno vows to maintain the LoveinfuZed family philosophy that is a cornerstone of his family's and company’s continuing success.

Ernest “Erno” Hallas
President, Founder and Owner of Ultimate Salon

Erno has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He earned his degree in Marketing Management from Cal Poly Pomona. He also earned a degree in Business Administration from of the State University of New York. Erno has founded multiple successful businesses and has been directly involved with new product development, emerging technologies, import, export and mortgage banking. Combining business acumen and marketing savvy, Erno’s education and vast experience have led to noteworthy contributions to the evolution of communications networks in various large metropolitan markets including Warner Center and the Irvine Spectrum, both located in Southern California. His experience in emerging technologies and new business development made him a natural for the Internet Marketplace and between 2005 and 2009; Erno’s web development and ecommerce companies have created and successfully launched no less than 1,783 websites.

A native of New York, Erno’s strong Greek heritage and upbringing instilled a deep respect of family values and work ethic that he has carried into his business ventures and personal life. He wants nothing more than for customers to be 100% happy and satisfied with every carefully wrapped package that arrives on their doorstep. It may sound a bit corny, but his belief is that ‘Love might not make the world go round; it simply makes the ride worthwhile’ and he wants to do his part to make the world a better place.

Some of his philosophy can be attributed to his battle with and survival from a bout with stage-four cancer that was determined to be both inoperable and terminal. Erno fought and beat the cancer that riddled his body, although he has been cured for many years, he continues to express his gratitude by focusing on making a difference in the world. Being able to contribute to philanthropic charities is a large motivating factor of Erno’s past, current, and future successes. Erno has served several philanthropic causes; however, he was recently nominated to the Board of Directors for Tower Cancer Research Foundation (affiliated with Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California) and has made it his goal to support Breast Cancer Awareness and Cedar Sinai Cancer Research Foundation.

Marketing Manager

Sarah Mueller
Ultimate Salon Products Marketing & Communications Manager

Sarah, the oldest of four girls, has been interested in hair and hair products from a young age. As children, she and her sisters played “hair salon” in their front yard all summer. A makeshift store comprised only of the garden hose, a few buckets, and lawn chairs set up in their front yard in Florida, it was a means to both cool off and experiment with new hairstyles. Her love for hair products and styling has only grown since then.

A graduate of Union College with a degree in Visual arts and Classics, Sarah has held positions as a Graphic Designer, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, and Communications Projects Manager. She currently works as a Project Manager at an advertising agency. Sarah serves as a Marketing & Communications Manager, Design and Web Consultant, Product Tester, Content Writer, and Model for

Natali Hetzroni
Ultimate Salon Products MIS Director & Database Administrator

Natali graduated from the Technion – Institute of Technology in Israel with a degree in Industrial Engineering and from Emek Yizrael College in Israel with a degree in Economics and Management. Natali knows the secret scientific formula for communicating our family's LoveInfuZed philosophy over the Internet. She works primarily behind the scenes in our high tech computer lab, surrounded by racks of computer switches with bright blinking lights that are somehow all connected to her computers without wires. No one seems to know what her work hours are because she never seems to stop working. One thing is for sure, Natalie is the all powerful goddess of Microsoft. If she’s not plugging in the computer codes for this week’s pricing discounts, she’s probably checking her uninterruptable power supplies or her dual stream fiber optic connections to the Internet. Natali is fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew. She enjoys reading, cooking, cycling on bike and spending time with her husband and two children.